The 214 House is a location. It's located on, you guessed it, 214 East Main St. If you visit the address, you'll find a two story building sitting downtown Murfreesboro, not far from the Court Square. But there's always more to a building than it's brick and mortar - The 214 House is about the people. People that share a like-minded Christian faith - based upon 1st Century New Testament Christianity. College students come together to enjoy one another's company, share meals together, and on Thursday nights, share in a moment of devotion and worship to God. If you're a college student looking for a group of individuals that desire to serve God in all that they say and do, join us at the 214 House - make friends, socialize, grab a bite, and most importantly, serve God. 

relax. study. grow.



Seth Ferguson

Associate Minister

Katie Ferguson


Hunter Canterbury


Olivia Hayes


Jadin Lundy

Vice President

Rachel Elrod






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Phone: 615-893-0177 Ext: 7


A college ministry in association with The East Main St church of Christ. Est. 2016